About Us

Uren & Myers Insurance Agency, an Independent Insurance Agency, provides full service Business and Personal Insurance throughout California.  We specialize in underwriting Day Care Centers and Preschools.  We have provided a continuous program since 1972. 
Christopher E. Uren, CIC, CRM
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Kit Uren has been a licensed insurance agent since 1978.  He became a UHK partner in 1986 and purchased the balance of UHK ownership in 1998.  Before joining, UHK, Kit worked as Marine Claims Surveryor and as an Underwriter for 5 years with Deans & Homer, a Managing General Agency in San Francisco.  Kit is a U.C. Berkeley Graduate in Business Administration, Finance and Economics.  He is past president of Oakland Insurance Agents' Association and a past Board Member of PACE/California Children's Project. 

Holly A. Myers, CIC, CRM, CSRM
I have been with Uren & Myers since 1981 and became an owner in 2005.  Unlike most people, I truly love helping others with insurance!  I am married and have two grown children.  I have three dogs, one of which is our agency mascot. I enjoy family, the outdoors, dog walks, and photography.  My most recent hobby is posting a photo a day on Instagram.  I am a Certified Insurance Counselor, Certified School Risk Manager, and Certified Risk Manager.  I hold a Masters in Governance through the California School Board Association. 

Christina Holmes, CIC, CRM
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I have worked as a customer service representative for Uren & Myers since 2003. I am a state licensed property and casualty insurance agent.   In 2005 I obtained a Certified Insurance Counselor Designation through the National Alliance exemplifying competency in the industry and commitment to excellence through advance education.   To expand my skill set I began working on a background in Risk Management and in 2009 achieved the National Alliances designation of Certified Risk Manager, the professional standard for risk managers.  These two certifications work hand in hand to bring customers a complete service experience.  I continue to focus on education and have begun a risk management education program focused on Schools to hone in on Uren & Myers niche industry.  I enjoy the philosophy of risk management in business and everyday life and love getting to share these ideas with customers.  

I adore spending weekends with my husband and our two daughters exploring the world through their eyes.  Living in California and having short distances between climates allows us to experience lots of family fun whether it is canoeing, tobogganing, going to “paradise” aka beach with palm trees, or whatever adventure is next!  I love gaining new life experiences and welcome the opportunity to say “why not” when somebody says “hey, do you want to…?  I’m a believer that both dirt and laughter are good for the soul. In every part of life my ending goal is to leave a positive footprint in my steps.  

Ariel Turner
I have been part of the support staff with Uren & Myers Insurance Agency since 2016.   I am a licensed insurance service representative and continue to expand my knowledge as I work towards a CISR designation.       

Leah Boles
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It has been my pleasure being able to speak to all of our clients being the live phone receptionist for Uren & Myers since 1994.   Along with answering phones, I assist in facilitating claims as well as various processing duties.   

During my off time I am a care giver for the elderly. I love walking and hiking by the bay with my little poodle rescue roommate. I enjoy working in my garden since I discovered I have an easier time keeping succulents healthy. I enjoy making bead work bracelets and I will drop almost anything to hang out with my niece, her daughter and my nephews.