Claim Reporting


Phone: (800) 238-6225



Phone: (800) 362-7535

Fax: (804) 565-1970


Everest National (Workers' Compensation)

Phone: (866) 478-9482

Fax: (860) 221-3652



Phone: (800) 685-9238

Fax: (800) 765-9749


Webiste: "Report a Claim"



All Claims are to be reported to our office

(800) 745-7449 - 8:30am - 4:30pm PST

After Hours - NIAC (866) 718-1947


Great American

Phone: (888) 317-4828 - 6am-2pm PST

After Hours: Crawford and Company: (800) 241-2541

(Refer to Client Code 15798)

Website: "Report a Claim"


Deans & Homer

Phone: (800) 745-7449 - 8:30am-4:30pm PST M-F

(All new claims are to be reported to Uren & Myers)


Oak River Insurance Company (Workers' Compensation)

Phone: (888) 495-8949


Claims Reporting Tips:


Get the Facts: Gather as much information as possible at the time of the incident 


Report your Claim promptly to your Carrier


Don't admit responsibility for the incident


Don't discuss with anyone other than your insurance agent, Carrier representative or law enforcement


Refer to/Follow your Crisis Management Plan




Workers' Compensation Injuries

If you have had a Workers' Compensation claim, please make sure that the injured employee is seeking care within the Medical Provider Network(MPN).  It is recommended that you report all incidences, including First Aid Only, to your Carrier.  First Aid Only incidences can be reported on a "Report/Record Only" Basis



Student Accident Policyholders

Refer to your Student Accident renewal packet for instructions and claim forms.  All claims should be reported directly to CHUBB.  In addition, you should report the incident to your General Liability Carrier on a "Report Only" basis


Chubb USA

PO Box 5124

Scranton, PA 18505-0556

Ph: 800-336-0627 - Fx: 302-476-7857









This is for informational purposes only and is subject to change by the Carrier.  To protect your rights under the policy, remember to report all incidents, even if you are not sure a claim will be made.  You can report the incident on a "Report/Record Only" basis.  Oversight of the policy claim reporting provisions may jeopardize coverage.  Your Carrier may require that all claims be reported in writing.  Please refer to your policy for specific claims reporting requirements and conditions.  Please contact our office if your Carrier is not listed.